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Starting an Etsy shop can be a daunting task but this eBook will provide you with the tools and step by step instructions on how to open your shop and make it as profitable as possible!

I think it is important to discuss the "WHY" when you are learning the "HOW" to set up your shop. There is a method to the madness!

I have almost 4,500 sales on Etsy's platform so let me use my success and my knowledge to help you in your shop.

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Topics discussed in the book include:
-How to set up your shop legally with your state
-Sales Tax
-Etsy SEO
-Titles, Tags, and Description
-Long tail keywords
-Shop Organization
-Sales and Coupons
-How to get views
-Influence of Social Media
-Advertising on Etsy

AND it includes my #1 selling tip that propelled my listings to the top of Etsy search pages.

**This is a DIGITAL copy.

My Etsy teaching resume includes:

- 170+ in a monthly membership group
- 175+ reviews/startups completed since 2017
- 4,500+ sales in my Etsy shop
- 500+ Etsy Seller eBook sold
- Asked to speak as an Etsy expert in several business Facebook groups: Jennifer Allwood's Inner Circle, Damon's Inner Circle, Julie's Inner Circle, Southern A-Door-nments Decor, Rhonda's Creative Circle, Polka Dot Wreath Co, Kelea's Design School, and Junk Monkey Paint Co.
- Speaking as an Etsy Expert at the Social Media Marketing Made Easy conference in April 2019 in Norfolk, Virginia, Crafters Convention 2019 and 2020

**If you have previously purchased the first revision of this eBook please email me at and I will send you the updated revision that was just released on March 13, 2020 free of charge!

Tips to downloading a digital item from Etsy:
You must log into the same account where you purchased the item (if for some reason you have more than one), go to your "purchases" and then you can download it. It has to be on desktop, not the mobile app. Also, Etsy emails you a link when you purchase so if you can find that in your email you should be able to access it that way too. For more info check the help article here

***This book was written by me, Lauren Kilgore. I do not work for Etsy and I am not affiliated with Etsy in any way. This is written from my years of experience on the platform.

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