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Starting an Etsy shop can be a daunting task but this eBook will provide you with the tools and step by step instructions on how to open your shop and make it as profitable as possible!

I think it is important to discuss the "WHY" when you are learning the "HOW" to set up your shop. There is a method to the madness!

The eBook is such a great deal to have ALL the info in one spot at your fingertips! Use it as a reference manual for every aspect of your shop or follow along as you setup your own shop!

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I have over 1,100 sales on Etsy's platform so let me use my success and my knowledge to help you in your shop.

Topics discussed in the book include:
-How to set up your shop legally with your state
-Sales Tax
-Etsy SEO
-Titles, Tags, and Description
-Shop Organization
-Sales and Coupons
-Influence of Social Media

AND it includes my #1 selling tip that propelled my listings to the top of Etsy search pages.

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