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Get Help for Etsy NOW!

Do you want to open an Etsy shop for the first time? Do you already have an Etsy shop and want to expand and increase your sales? Do you want to know the tips and tricks I learned along the way? I can help!

The phrase I hear most often from other crafters is "I can't sell for more than $XX in my area." Or "They won't pay top dollar around here so I sell my items pretty cheap." Guess what?! It's time to broaden your horizons! With my training, you will learn how to sell online where you can reach so many more people of all income levels and budgets!

Using my years of experience on Etsy, over 2,000 sales, and my almost 20 years experience as an accountant I will help you on your path to a successful Etsy shop!

  • $17.99 Monthly Fee - Etsy Coaching with Lauren Monthly Group Subscription: Become a member of the private Facebook group where I will provide tips and tricks weekly, including live videos answering your questions and sharing my computer screen to walk you through the ins and outs of selling on Etsy. We also do mini-reviews and Q&A sessions regularly! By signing up today you'll have access to all the videos, posts, and files that have been added to the group over the past year. If you signup for 6 months in advance you'll be locked into today's prices and receive 1 month free! If you signup for 1 year in advance you'll be locked into today's prices and receive 2 months free!
Topics discussed include:
      • setting up shop policies
      • what is a long tail keyword?
      • tax deductions
      • improving categories and organization
      • linking to social media, picture quality
      • designing shop banner photos
      • improving titles and tags
      • how to handle disgruntled customers
      • how to box and ship
      • how to find your target market
      • what to do when a customer contacts you saying an item was not delivered even though tracking says it was delivered
      • SEO SEO SEO
      • and MUCH MORE!
    • $75 One-Time Fee - Etsy Full Shop Review: If you have an established Etsy shop but you're making few or no sales yet - I will review your shop and provide a 1-2 page list of suggestions on your descriptions, titles, tags, policies, SEO, pictures, pricing, and overall shop impression. Includes one free month's access to the private Facebook group ($17.99 value) from the date of your purchase for additional tips and tricks. If you choose to continue in the group you will need to sign up at the current rate.

    Just look what current members are saying!:

    "I did Lauren Simmons' one time critique of my Etsy shop and have not been disappointed in the outcome. I have made some changes per her suggestions and just in the last 30 days I have had 462 visits to my Etsy shop, gotten 3 orders, one custom order for two swags, and made $208!!! Not only will you improve your shop, provided you follow her suggestions, but you get to be a part of her private group where she offers great tips, answers your questions and gives you feedback. You also get feedback from other Etsy shop owners. It's a great place to be if you are a struggling shop owner." ~Rhonda C.

    "Update: I have had more views in Etsy this week than ever before.... People are finding me by Etsy and Pinterest. Not Facebook like I thought. I worked on the suggestions from Lauren right away and can see immediate results. I'm so thankful Lauren!!" ~Kari G.

     ****PLEASE leave your shop name (if you have one), your name, and email address in the notes (or email me at when you checkout so I can get in touch with you!****

     Don't forget to join the Etsy Facebook Group HERE after your purchase! 

    Etsy Coaching with Lauren Monthly Subscription ($17.99 per month) 

    Etsy Coaching with Lauren Six Month Subscription - includes 1 month FREE! 

    Etsy Coaching with Lauren Annual Subscription - includes 2 months FREE!

    ***For a comprehensive, Full Shop Review go HERE



    Don't forget you can also get a copy of my Etsy eBook HERE  

    Turnaround time on reviews and shop startup is about 1-2 weeks right now and I'll update this page if/when that changes.

      **Shop listings that violate copyright or trademark laws or are against Etsy's rules and regulations will not be reviewed.**

    Disclaimer: The information provided is for informational purposes only and should not be relied on for tax, legal, or accounting advice. You should always consult with your lawyer or CPA.

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