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Bookkeeping Guide, Simplified Bookkeeping for Creatives, Learn Accounting for Small Business Owners with Templates

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Eliminate the accounting headache and get back to what you REALLY want to do - CREATE!

This guide will show you how to get "legit" in your business. If "Schedule C" and "Income Statement" sound scary, this guide is for you. This is a summary guide to accounting so that you won't feel so lost when it comes to your company's "dollars and cents"!

This guide is not meant to be a replacement for your accountant or CPA but rather to give you a basic understanding of accounting methods so that you can:

- Stay organized
- Keep tax prep costs low 
- Stay on top of your numbers so you know how much you’re making (or not!)
- Avoid leaving money on the table by taking advantage of every allowable deduction possible
- File your sales tax reports easily
- Avoid penalties by becoming a “legitimate” registered business

You'll learn:

- Whether you're a hobby or a business
- How to setup your business
- How to get an EIN
- What 1099s and W9s are and what to do with them
- How to stay organized with receipts
- How to choose an accountant and the differences between them
- A list of resources to help you further
- How long to keep certain tax documents
- Which software programs work best for your business so you can make an educated decision

You’ll also get:

- an expense tracking spreadsheet template that you can customize for your own business
- an income and expense spreadsheet template by month (if you decide to forego the accounting software options and want to do your bookkeeping yourself manually)